Creative Shift

Convert a mental barrier into a productive outlet

Embrace the strengths of being both a doer and a dreamer.

Transform your life by:

1) Exploring the strengths of skills and experiences you already have

2) Discovering your hidden strengths  

3) Empowering your passion for creating the life you want to live 

4) Inspiring others and igniting their passion

5) Using all of the above elements as the motivation to create products, services, art projects, stories, novels, music, dance, sculptures, anything. Basically an idea that can keep you motivated and has potential to make money to even turn into a business.

If you are looking for something like what I mentioned above then you should check out Creative Shift. It is an online workshop that is created for sharing everything mentioned above and with the same purpose of inspiring someone like you to create something amazing and helpful for others. This is a workshop that is created step by step through personal experience. I am using all of my skills, experience and passion to create a mini workshop that will take you from doing self-exploring exercises that will bring you a tons of insight into your own skills, experiences and hidden strengths (mental and emotional) to coming up with two tangible niche ideas and how you can test them before creating a full fledged product for that. It is a process and at the end you create something tangible. There are other courses that will give you the same. The only difference here is that Creative Shift spends as much time in sharing steps for coming up with new ideas, niche ideas, lots of ideas using what you already have so ideas that are completely doable for you now as much as how you can convert them into a productive outlets. 

There are sets of creative exercises included in each module that will take you through the process of showing you some of your obvious strengths and some beyond those. 

The process looks like this-

5 Modules and worksheets

Module 1: Reflect. How can you discover what you already have? Your strengths, skills and knowledge that are not just what you see on the surface but beyond what is obvious. Sometimes, you cannot see, feel, hear, understand AND it can still help you. This set of exercises will help you find that for you.

Module 2: Dream. You have dreams and desires that you have designed to achieve to be happy. What if there are more hidden dreams and desires within you? What if you are limiting yourself with your dreams and desires? I know dreams are stuff made for you to fly. However, there are many ways to fly. This set of exercises will help you discover how many ways you are capable of being happy.

Module 3: Believe. Beliefs. Someone once said to me that as there is a fear of failing, there is also a fear of success. Crazy, huh? Yeah and true. Both of those fears come from belief- not in the world, your family, friends, your talent, your anything and in your everything. That’s how intangible thing this concept is- belief. I have learned that either you need to have belief in yourself or belief in your purpose. Either of those ideas will lead you where you want to go despite any of your fears. This set of exercises will help you to discover both ways of believing then it is up to you which one drives you harder, faster and stronger. No way is right or wrong.

Module 4: Impact. I started collecting all of the creative exercises that I used as a student and a teacher to revisit my way of doing things. Well, just living. I came face to face something that I cannot change because it happened so long ago and I have no control over that. What I learned though that as I went through the set of exercises that I listed above is that one of the ways that eased my energy was to somehow share the ‘helping’ process with the world, well with you. It does not matter how many people it reaches but I hope it helps whoever it does reach. I started from the position of asking very broad universal questions to coming up with what exact tangible steps can be taken to help. This set of exercises will help you map out minimum of two ways of how you can positively inspire someone else. Help others with what helped you.

Module 5: Create. This is where how your efforts can be narrowed down to get tangible results in everything. That is why being mentally and emotionally healthy to then never letting anything block you from wherever you want to go, do whatever you want to do and be whoever you can be. There may be a limit in certain things but that is what this set of exercises are for. They will narrow down your ideas depending upon how much time, energy, life you want to invest. Invest- yes this set of exercises will also help you create how you financially solvent your helpful ideas are. 

There are far more expensive courses that promises the same results like Creative shift. This is created for someone who is budget conscious, is willing to be open to new ways of looking at creativity and entrepreneurship, and is unafraid to experiment with their artsy creative side.

For one time price of $50

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