In School and After School Programs

A combined program for educators and students.

For Teachers and Educators:

Creative Shift

An Online Creative video workshop

Make the most of your creative soul and use it as a channel to come up with new ideas to build new projects that are based around your yearly curriculum and syllabus for your subject. Creative Shift is an online do-it-yourself video workshop for teachers and creators especially in the field of arts, writing, visual and business.

If you are in the need of finding innovative ways of reaching out to your students or your inner creative soul to brand out into a new adventure then give DANCE YOUR MOVE PROGRAM that includes this workshop.

For Students

5 Modules: 5 Worksheets

Reflect. Dream. Believe. Impact. Create

Creative Shift is for the inner creator in the beginning, middle and the end. Encourage your students to be artists, writers, visual artists…..creators who can use their existing imagination to grow it into an incredible tangible productive projects. Make them ready to enter the real world where innovation and productivity respects creativity to give them a chance and make them ready to be a leading force of the future that they have potential to be.

Change the world by bringing out the change maker within your student.

Created for teachers, coach and educators

Time To Inspire

Time To Inspire is an ebook that shows you how to use what you are already doing in your field of expertise to create an educational product in the form an online course, workshop or an ebook. It is a step-by-step process of breaking down your syllabus and your knowledge in a reachable format for student of any age and skill level.

A brief ebook that will guide you where you may need just little bit of suggestive support. An additional help that can be an alternative for expensive teaching artist’s or teacher trainings keep your teaching expertise sharp.

Creative Zen- Weekly Inspiration

Creative Zen for everyone in your class, school, non-profit or an educational organization.

Creative Zen is accessible online via website and through a free app after purchase.

Weekly Inspiration in the form of Visual, Writing/Text, Dance/Movement, Sound and Media cues. You get to choose which form of weekly inspiration is needed for that given week to experience your creative zen. 🙂

A mid-day retreat from your class for the student, teacher or the creative hidden inside the president of your organization.

1 year access to Creative Zen site membership accessible through app for Android users.

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DYM Program


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