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This post is for anyone who wants to identify their vision quickly to their clients and customers. Get yourself a logo and brand your identity as a freelancer, your mission statement for your non-profit charitable organization or your vision for your start-up to raise your profits. I know a graphic designer who is an exceptional creative artist. She can help you put your point of view in a design that describes a particular project or a new product or your business as a whole. If you are artistically inclined then you will get along really well. Just kidding, you don’t have to be an artist. You just have to own a business or must have an idea that you need a logo for. My graphic designer who is an awesome logo designer happens to be my sister. Full disclosure so I am biased. A lot. Yet, she is really good. Check out her website – for yourself. Be curious. Click the website and check out her work.

What you must have to get an effective branding through your logo?

Things to ponder before you meet your logo designer:

You must have a clear idea as to what you need the logo for? As precise as possible. Obvious? Yeah I know. Thought I would help out little bit more.

Dance Your Move Logo

Finding the right way to talk about your work, your brand, your next amazing project that can make you and your identity stand out without being too ridiculous. Unless you want that. That is cool too.

The art of logo making.

Shalaka Kulkarni Logo

If the logo is for you as a person then you need to think of minimum three colors that you like, that define you or you can just stand looking at them for a long while.

If the logo is for a business or for a product then you need to think of at least one type of customer that you would potentially want what you offer. Then think of what can attract them. Define those details to the logo designer.

People are always in need to stand out by being audacious when there is no need to. Sometimes people are too timid when they don’t need to. Sometimes you don’t need to give a damn. All of them can be presented as identity and that is called branding. A must for today’s world. You need something little simpler to explain your complicated self/idea/project for your potential market whether for your art, art project or business.

Branding A Product. Creative Shift is an online video workshop.

A good logo will not really make or break your business. It will just give the visitor a focusing point long enough for you to engage them in someway. That is my personal take. Give my graphic designer a shot. She is good. She is nice. She will listen to you scramble if you don’t have a clear point of view as to what kind of logo or branding you want. Email is the best way to reach her. Be nice and you will get a quick turnaround with your design.

Email Sharvari Kulkarni at

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