My name is .org

Dance Your Move is my entrepreneurial baby and as such I am trying to learn how to really care for its identity and how it shapes up in the world. Dance Your Move includes dance and other creative products. Dance Your Move use to be housed online at for a some time until I had some personal depression issues and I let the website domain expire in 2019. Along with that all of my content, workshop created for women and other digital content was displaced and it was almost like I never created anything. Except, I had my not so old trusty laptop and not so old Vimeo account that preserved most of my digital content. In fall 2019, I could upload again some of the old content, improved some of it and added some new again to the new website after I tried to pick up something to pick my brain with to forget or ignore that gloomy depression side of my brain. Here is the funny thing, I had everything set up like logo and videos with the name Dance Your Move so I decided to stick with that name to start my biz again without checking what the new .com was. I saw it was not available and picked the domain name that was. The domain name became I checked now and .com of it has some casino/gambling sort of page on it.


I should have kept track of my child and made sure that .com was available for Dance Your Move as that is what most people and search engine searches will reach first when they are trying to look us up. Most companies would smartly opt for .com especially new ones and I did not want to think out of the box for this one thing. Except, I did not want to wait and wanted to begin my outlet of wellness right away. That was getting my Dance Your Move website online and running as I literally had nothing to do during that time except dance in my basement.   

I think there might be some confusion with Dance Your Move getting organic traffic and that should be a lesson for new budding entrepreneur- make sure your domain name never expires. I am a good teacher. 🙂 Learn from my experience. 

Seriously, if your domain name expires then make sure the name of your new site is something that does not hurt you in the short run. Long run will be okay as long as you keep at it like I will. In short run though, phew….gotta take care especially if the site is the identity of your entrepreneurial baby. 

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