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Join in on a journey to encounter fantastical moments of a fictional character’s emotional journey. Meet ‘Saira’ as she takes a leap of faith into believing in the goodness of the world. Connect with her intention as she strives to keep everyone she loves close to her. Follow her on the visual journey with dance as she boxes her memories in a safe place that she forgets to keep a secret safe. She keeps finding herself on the repetitive path not understanding why. Follow her on this dansical journey as she starts creating safe moments for herself and her loved ones to keep striving within not so healthy environment. 

The presentation called ‘Tangled Path’ is a series of excerpts shared from the video work that is a work in progress. 

The work is built upon technical groundwork of Indian Classical Dance Style- Bharatnatyam and Kathak. The movement work is built with a choreographed thread of a traditional Indian classical dance piece that is considered as one of the stepping stones for building technical movements that grounds the style of Bharatnatyam. It starts with introducing the elements of Bharatnatyam in their natural habitat and as the character unfolds further the movement is experimented with fusing Bharatnatyam, modern movements, yoga, vernacular gestures while keeping space open for improvising Indian Classical movements. 

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