Shadow & Light

Media and Movement

Exploring the lasting effects of time on lighter and darker memories

Two versions of the work- one created to be displayed as an installation and other as a movement piece


Text and Movement

Created to explore how connected two cultures can be when on surface look diametrically opposite from each other.

Created as a solo play dividing equal time between text performed as a solo play and group choreography

Wavering Path

Channeling how many versions of journeys are possible towards a singular vision



Experimenting with Indian Classical movements, rhythm and footwork with music non-traditional to Indian Classical dance forms.

Untamed- Movement


Exploring the tangible feeling of being tied to something toxic that is intangible to explain

Media and movement

Carnival of Voices

Mirroring what it is to have multiple voices that try to take room in your head follow into your dreams and into your real life

Media, text and movement

Looking in

Literally depicting and then creating movements based on immigrant experiences of real people

Text and movement

Fitting out

Mirroring the universal idea of sometimes not feeling like a part of something, not fitting in and what it takes to create a space for that makes it easier to experience the feeling of fitting out.

Media piece


Installation based on the immigrant experience of what is gained from the new culture and what is ingrained from the native one.

Movement based installation

In Transit

Exploring the theme of being in constant state of transition

In Transit- movement

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