Class/Workshop Descriptions

Theory of Asian Dance Choreography

Learn integration and collaboration of ancient Indian Classical dance forms with contemporary ideas

This class is for any dance, movement or a performance art practitioner who is interested in learning more about Asian Dance forms especially Indian Classical dance forms and how they can be integrated in the choreographic format. Introduction to various Indian Classical dance forms with practical examples of their technique. You get an overview of Asian art as well as get a detail knowledge of two distinct Indian Classical dance forms along with a choreographic example incorporating different styles. You get a live example of how multiple cultures interact in a cohesive manner through dance and art. You can get credit for this class as an independent project if you are a student and participate in an internship role for a creative project. Contact your department and Shalaka at for more info.

Dance Meditation

Artistic focus with dance elements from Indian Classical dance forms that are picked and stylized with the idea of giving you a workout + meditative outlet. The movements are slow enough that any novice to dance or yoga can pick up easily. The meditative aspect of the form is intertwined with the physical moves. You get the experience of working out while moving through the delicate movements to reach a focused yet relaxed meditative phase.

  • Designed to add strength and focus in everyday activities.
  • Slow and precise movements
  • Creative outlet
  • A perfect way to balance physical and mental focus through meditative movements
  • No age requirement
  • No previous experience of yoga, dance or meditation necessary
  • A new way of relaxing and focusing your energy for the experienced dance, yoga or a meditation practitioner.