Embrace additional creative pursuits through these products. Make your creative toolkit show-stopper for any creative, artistic and entrepreneurial projects. Have yourself an adventure. Start With….

Dance Your Move Program

Creative Shift- an online video workshop

Time To Inspire (Teach What You Know)- ebook

Weekly Inspiration for your hidden creative talent

Free access to Creative Zen app. Use it whenever you need a mid-day or midnight creative retreat.

$5/monthly. Paid yearly for 1 year access. $60 for 1 year access to the entire DYM program.

Creative Shift

5 Modules with worksheets for your reference for future.

1 year access everything along with any extra additions made to the workshop within that single year.

Time To Inspire

Be a teacher, be a coach, be a creator. Teach what you know following this ebook with its step-by-step process to create an educational product for any age group, skill level and in any field of interest. $5.99

Weekly Inspiration and Creative Zen app

If you are someone who considers herself/himself creative of any kind then this is certainly the best priced app for you. For $1 per month, you get new and updated weekly creative cues for your next inspired project, product or brand. Or just a nicely cooked meal.

Weekly Inspiration found in the Creative Zen app for :

Visual Artists/Creatives

Movement artists and Dancers

Writers and text artists

Sound artists

Other Media creatives


Pay $12/year for weekly creative retreat. You pay yearly for the subscribed link to the Creative Zen app. $12/year for your mid-day creative retreat. See you there.

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